Popular casinos in Colorado
Some of the most popular casinos in Colorado

Come to Colorado and get lucky: Some of the most popular casinos in Colorado

Contrary to popular beliefs and myths, people do not always go to the casino to try to win more than they have originally. For many, it’s much deeper than that. Top gamblers in casinos know the risk: you could walk in there and make a whole lot of money or you could lose your entire bankroll and plunge into bankruptcy before the end of the night. So why else do people gamble at the casino?

Simple answer: For the thrill. When you are betting those poker chips, nothing else matters. You don’t have to worry about your problems at home, the stress in your business, your annoying boss…nothing. So, in addition to getting a chance to win some chips and pack some dough on your lucky night (or nights), you also get to experience the highs of betting with some of the friendliest people in the world.

There are even some older citizens who enjoy the casino during the day by playing with the slot machine simply because they have nothing else to do during the day and they really enjoy it. This to prove that there is really an emotional rush that comes with playing a game without knowing if you will win or lose, and many of these gamblers want to experience that feeling every time. Then when that rush is depleted when they lose again, they play one more time to recoup their losses, and keep playing until they are satisfied or have nothing else to play. It’s an interesting cycle really.

Now Colorado isn’t really like Vegas. There is little or no love for gambling around here, so it is not really known for its casino culture. However, there are a few towns and reservations that allow it and make playing it enjoyable, so there are a few casinos around here and there where you can enjoy your gambling culture if you are that used to it.

The state of Colorado was amongst the first set of states on the United States of America to legalize gambling, and casinos have grown quickly to complement the wonderful spots of attraction and add to the beauty of cities like Aspen, Boulder, and of course, Denver.
So, in this article today, we will shar with you some of the gambling hotspots scattered around the state so that you can choose to get lucky whenever you visit the beautiful state of Colorado in the future.

Some of the nicest (and luckiest) gambling spots in the State of Colorado are:

1. Century Casino, Central City

The city of Central, otherwise known as Central City is the most populous municipality in Gilpin County, Colorado. With about 800 people living in this city, it is one of the coolest places to gamble and clear your head if you ever find yourself in the state of Colorado. In addition to the Central City Opera House (where you can entertain yourself and companions with operatic and theatrical performances), you can choose to spend your nights gambling away in the Century Casino.
The Century Casino is an incorporation of the former Tollgate Casino as well as the old Golden Rose Casino which was done in 2006, so that occupants and visitors living in the city of Central can try to get lucky whenever they want in a grand style.
It has:

  • well over 500 slots and video poker terminals,
  • poker tables,
  • blackjack tables,
  • craps tables,
  • roulette tables,
  • and so many more game times where guests have a huge choice of games types to select from

In the century casino, you can stake up to $100 and also register for a casino club card so that you can have some advantages when gaming, such as drinks and nibbles without paying extra.

2. Sky Ute Casino Resort, Ignacio

The Sky Ute Casino Resort in Ignacio is one which is run by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. This has proven to be a good move by Indian tribes towards the legalization of gambling across America. It has a large number of slots for the senior citizens who have nothing to do with their time during the day, as well as table games (blackjack, roulette, etc.) There is also a room for dedicated poker players, as well as a good hotel for comfortable accommodation and a spa to make you more relaxed.
The Chefs in this resort are also top notch, as they spoil you throughout the night with unique steak and seafood combinations. Best believe, if you are a lover of gambling and you find yourself in the city, there is no place you’d rather be every single night.

3. Ameristar Black Hawk Casino, Black Hawk

At a point in time, the Ameristar Black Hawk Casino was the biggest casino in Colorado, with a land area of 5,300 square meters of gaming space. The casino was opened in 2001 and is home to a lot of impressive features that attract lovers of gambling from all ends of the state.
Among other things, it has:

  • About 1,400 slot machines
  • 16 blackjack tables
  • 6 poker tables.

It is well located in what is called the gambling town of Black Hawk, and it acts as both a casino and a resort to those who pay visit to it, as you can get good access to ski runs around the corner, as well as many other leisure facilities like a spa, mountain top recreation park and a night club (for lovers of more entertainment).

4. Black Hawk Station Casino, Black Hawk

This is one of the most favored gambling spots in the city of Black Hawk by the locals. It is compact and has a homely feel to it. If you have some love for slot games and video machines, then this traditional compact casino is the one you should stop by to check out, as there are about 150 of the latest virtual games to keep you busy from daytime till late at night.

You can prepare yourself for the challenge these slot machines offer by trying out some online slots like Wink Slots. You can find all of them at CasinoMaster.com - the biggest online casino portal. If you are a senior citizen and you are interested in working your bones and your mind while getting your adrenaline pumped in a cool, homely and traditional location, then the Black Hawk Station Casino in Black Hawk might be the best option for you.

5. Red Dolly Casino, Black Hawk

The Red Dolly Casino in Black Hawk is the oldest and friendliest casino in the city of Black Hawk and has been in operation since ’92. Just like the Black Hawk Station Casino, it has a good homely vibe that makes Black Hawk one of the best gambling cities in Colorado with lots of employees around there boasting of decades of working experience in this very casino.

Also, like Black Hawk Station Casino, the main focus of this casino is in its gaming slots, so you have to get your slot game up, especially if you are a senior citizen or you are one of those people who go to the casino for the sole purpose of winning and getting no thrill from it.

6. Bronco Billy’s, Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek is another town to go to for gambling if, for some reason you cannot make it to the cities of Black Hawk and Central, and Bronco Billy’s casino is an excellent reason for this. This mountain town location with some of that traditional feeling you get only in Black Hawk town has all the best games that make gamblers interested in it, and it has just had a significant boost in its upgrade, with Cripple Creek approving a $70 million expansion with an hotel that is no doubt going to make Bronco Billy’s a stopover spot in the nearest future.

7. Monarch Casino, Black Hawk

If you wish to incorporate sport and entertainment in your gambling, then the Monarch Casino is for you. With its TV viewing and live entertainment, you can trust that you will enjoy every single bit of betting your chips.

It also has a normal environment and design that blends into the lovely town of Black Hawk and makes it easy for you to have chill evening without any stress and disturbance. It also has a bar where you can chill in between bets and relax while tracking your bets.

When you are in Colorado, you can do more than enjoy the wonderful sights and live out your wild west fantasies. You can also gamble away your time in the slot machines and poker tables, and without a doubt these seven top casinos (there are many others if you look closely) is surely the best way to start and finish. Every gambler wants to get lucky and make some money, and enjoy themselves in the process, and these casinos will give you a chance to do all of these things without having to break the bank or cause a lot of problems for yourself in the long run. Do check them out.