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 Bingo Law 
Colorado Bingo
New and Amended Rules Covering and Regulating Bingo and Raffles

Statement of Basis, Purpose and Specific Statutory Authority

Basis and Purpose

These rules are based upon the provisions 12-9-101 et. seq. CRS, and upon information and recommendations from:

* Bingo-raffle supplier, manufacturer and landlord licensees;

* Charitable gaming administration and administrative regulation of other states; and

* The Colorado Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board.

It is the general purpose of these rules to clarify and carry out the provisions of the Bingo and Raffles Law. The specific purposes of the individual amendments and additions are as follows:

1. The amendment to Rule 1 defines a bingo card as having no more than two numbers per square on the card.

2. Rule 11 is a new rule that provides that bingo-raffle licensees must pay their suppliers within sixty days or be put on a cash only basis until further written notice by the Licensing Authority.

3. The amendments to Rule 12 allow for discounts to be offered on the sale of bingo card packs if the discount criteria are made known to all players and changes the time period that concealed face card trade-ins must be retained by the bingo-raffle licensee from three years to six months.

4. The amendments to Rule 16 provide procedures for a licensee to follow if it decides to discontinue bingo operations and there is a Progressive Bingo game in progress and the jackpot has not been one. The rule also provides procedures for a manufacturer or supplier licensee if it decides to discontinue the manufacture of a progressive pull-tab game.

5. The amendment to Rule 17 changes the procedures for payment of pull tab prizes to allow for discretion on the part of a bingo-raffle licensee to pay a prize if claimed beyond 10 days after the determination of a winner.

Authority for Proposed Rulemaking

These rules are promulgated in accordance with the State Administrative Procedure Act, specifically C.R.S. 24-4-103, “Rule-making-procedure,” and pursuant to the specific statutory authority granted to the Secretary of State by the Colorado Bingo and Raffles Law at C.R.S. 12-9-103(1), “Licensing authority – powers – duties.”


Adopted Amendments 18 May 2004


[8 CCR 1505-2]


(1) A disposable, non-reusable, paper bingo card identified by color, serial number, and card number containing five rows of five squares with a free center space, no more than two numbers preprinted in each of the remaining 24 spaces, and the letters B, I, N, G, O printed in order over the five columns.


(10) A bingo-raffle licensee shall purchase bingo supplies either in cash or on terms agreed to with the licensed supplier or agent, but such terms shall not exceed sixty (60) days. A supplier shall report to the secretary of state by the tenth day of each month, the name of any bingo-raffle licensee whose account is in arrears by more than sixty (60) days as of the last day of the preceding calendar month. Upon receipt of the notice of delinquency, the secretary of state shall notify all licensed suppliers, suppliers’ agents, and manufacturers and the bingo-raffle licensee that, until further notice from the secretary of state, all sales of bingo supplies to the delinquent bingo-raffle licensee shall be on a cash-only basis. Upon receipt of the notice from the secretary of state, no supplier, supplier’s agent, or manufacturer may extend credit to the delinquent licensee until such time as the secretary of state approves credit sales to such licensee in writing.


(2) All cards, packs and sheets shall be sold at a set price. Discounts may be offered on the basis of criteria available to all players, such as quantity purchased. Any charge for the purchase, lease or use of an electronic player aid device shall be at a set price. The price of each type of card, pack, or sheet, including discounts offered, and the charge, if any, for the purchase, lease or use of each type of electronic player aid device that will be offered for use at a bingo occasion shall be posted on the premises at the time of the occasion, in advance of any player purchasing any card, pack, or sheet or paying any such charges for an electronic bingo player aid device.

(7) (d) A licensee that allows concealed face card trade-ins shall mark or deface all returned cards, so that they cannot be further played, and retain such traded-in cards for a period of six (6) months following the end of the quarter in which the tickets were redeemed.


(15) The conduct and operation of any progressive pull tab game shall comply with the following specific requirements, in addition to those set forth elsewhere in these rules and the provisions of the bingo-raffle law and rules applicable to pull tabs generally:

(i) If a licensee’s license is suspended, revoked, or surrendered or the licensee terminates its bingo-raffle activities for any other reason during the course of its conduct of a progressive pull tab game, the game shall be played out without further contributions to the jackpot and in accordance with the instructions of the Secretary of State, on or before the licensee’s last authorized occasion or day of games of chance operations. The licensee shall publicly announce the date and time of the last authorized occasion by posting such announcement in the hall in which bingo-raffle occasions are held and by making such announcements to the licensee’s membership as are customarily made during scheduled membership meetings. If there is no winner of the jackpot prize on the last authorized occasion, the licensee shall conduct a public drawing for the prize by issuing one ticket free of charge to each member of the public who is present at the end of the occasion, who is at least eighteen years of age, and who is not involved in the conduct of the occasion or the management, rental, or ownership of the commercial bingo facility at which the occasion is conducted in any manner, without regard to whether the person was a participant in any game of chance during the occasion. The jackpot winner will be the person whose ticket is drawn at random from a receptacle in which all tickets have been placed.

(16) A Colorado licensed supplier or manufacturer that sells progressive pull tab games to any Colorado bingo-raffle licensee may elect to discontinue distribution or production of any specific progressive pull tab game that it has sold in Colorado if and only if:

(a) The supplier or manufacturer provides at least sixty (60) days written notice to the secretary of state and all bingo-raffle licensees that have purchased said pull tab game from such supplier or manufacturer within the previous 12 months that the supplier or manufacturer intends to discontinue the distribution or the manufacture of said progressive pull tab game on a specified future date, which date shall be not less than 60 days after such notice is received by the secretary of state, and

(b) The supplier or manufacturer maintains a sufficient inventory of pull-tab deals for that progressive pull-tab game to ensure that all bingo-raffle licensees that have purchased said game within the previous year can close the game by awarding a jackpot.


(3) Pull tab prizes shall be awarded immediately upon determination of a winner. Any ticket presented 10 days after such determination may be considered void and of no value, and the licensee may elect to not redeem such pull tab for the prize, except as provided for seal and progressive pull tab winners pursuant to Rule 16 of these Rules.

 Places to play Bingo in Colorado 

Bingo in Alamosa, Colorado

519 Main Street
Alamosa, Colorado 81101-2643, USA
Game play: Mon-7:00 Sat-1:00
Phone: (719) 589-9329

Bingo in Arvada, Colorado

Circle Bingo
11651 Ralston Rd
Arvada, Colorado 80004-4321, USA
Game play: 7 days, 7:00pm Fri-10:30pm
Sat-9:45am-7:30-10:30 Sun-7:00am & 12:15pm
Phone: (303) 431-0059
Golddust Bingo
5390 Sheridan Blvd #A
Arvada, Colorado 80002-7018, USA
Game play: 7 days, 7:30
Phone: (303) 480-0708
The Bingo Co
6520 Wadsworth Blvd
Arvada, Colorado 80003-4434, USA
Game play: 7 days
Phone: (303) 421-2932

Bingo Games in Aurora, Colorado

B-1 Bingo 10690 Del Mar Pkwy
Aurora, Colorado 80010-4011, USA
Game play: Mon-11:00am Thu & Fri-11:30am-7:30-11:00 Sat & Sun-12:00noon-7:00-11:00
Phone: (303) 341-0742
TREA Bingo
1599 Dayton St
Aurora, Colorado 80010-2027, USA
Game play: Tue & Thu-7:00 Sun-12:30
Phone: (303) 341-9008
Turn of The Century Bingo
1921 South Havana St
Aurora, Colorado 80014-1011, USA
Game play: 7 days, 11:30 am & 7:30 pm & 10:30 pm
Phone: (303) 752-4646
Winners Bingo
13678 E Alameda Ave
Aurora, Colorado 80012, USA
Game play: 7 days
Phone: (303) 343-0206

Bingo Games in Brighton, Co

Brighton Bingo
45 Strong Street
Brighton, Colorado 80601-1633, USA
Game play: Thu thru Sun-8:00 pm
Phone: (303) 659-2030

Canon City Bingo Games

St Michaels Church
611 N 11th Street
Canon City, Colorado 81212-3050, USA
Game play: Wed-7:00
Phone: (719) 275-7549

933 Sells
Canon City, Colorado 81212-3411, USA
Game play: Fri-7:00
Phone: (719) 275-9886

Colorado Springs

Bingo Palace
117 E Las Vegas
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903, USA
Phone: 719-578-1059
Playtime: 12:15 pm Tues, Fri, Sat. 7:15 pm Mon - Sat night 11:15 pm fridays - 11:30 pm Sat. Sundays 12:45pm and 6:00pm

Bingo World
2511 Airport Road
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Phone: (719) 578-1441

Depot Bingo
3958 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917-5911, USA
Game play: 7 days, 7:30 Fri & Sat-12:30-7:30-11:00 Sun-12:30 & 7:30
Phone: (719) 591-7835

Disabled American Veterans Chapter 26
6886 Palmer Park Blvd
Colorado Springs, Colorado, CO 80915, USA
Playtime: Sunday 7:00 PM
Phone: (719) 591-8787
Email:, Contact name: Joe

Jackpot Bingo
2417 N Union Blvd
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909-1107, USA
Game play: Wed thru Sun-7:00 Sat-12:30 & 7:00
Phone: (719) 578-1490

Commerce City

Flamingo Bingo
6941 E. 80th Avenue
Commerce City, Colorado, CO 80022, USA
Playtime: Sun 2:00 and 7:30; Tue thru Fri 7:30; Sat 4:00 and 7:30
Phone: 303.287.8274
Contact name: Dan or Rick
Remarks: Full Service Concession Stand, Progressive Games every session

Cortez Bingo

2100 N Dolores Rd
Cortez, Colorado 81321-0726, USA
Game play: Thu-7:30
Phone: (970) 565-3557

Ute Mountain Casino
3 Weeminuche Dr
Cortez, Colorado 81321-0660, USA
Game play: Mon-Tue-Fri-6:30 Sun-1:00 First 2 Sat- 6:30
Phone: (800) 258-8007

Bingo in Denver

Barrys Bingo
1860 S Federal Blvd
Denver, Colorado 80219-4906, USA
Game play: 7 days
Phone: (303) 935-5522

Bingo Barn
581 Garland Drive
Denver, Colorado 80233-4110, USA
Game play: 7 days
Phone: (303) 452-5665

7139 Pecos St
Denver, Colorado 80221-7208, USA
Game play: Mon thru Fri-12:00 & 7:30 Sat & Sun-12:30 & 7:30
Phone: (303) 428-7157

Bingo in Durango

American Legion
878 E 2nd Ave
Durango, Colorado 81301-5426, USA
Game play: Mon-7:30 pm
Phone: (970) 247-1590

Sacred Heart Church
255 E 5th Ave
Durango, Colorado 81301-5723, USA
Game play: Tue-7:00
Phone: (970) 247-3995

Bingo in Edgewater

Bingo Connection
2045 Sheridan Blvd
Edgewater, Colorado, USA
Game play: 7 Days
Phone: (303) 232-4646

Englewood Bingo

3690 S Jason
Englewood, Colorado 80110-3442, USA
Game play: Thu-7:00 pm
Phone: (303) 781-0257

Bingo in Federal Heights

Knights of Columbus
720 W 84th Ave
Federal Heights, Colorado 80221-4820, USA
Game play: Mon thr Fri-12noon & 7:30
Phone: (303) 657-1851

Bingo in Fort Collins

Fort Collins Bingo
900 N College Ave
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524-1206, USA
Game play: 7 days, Daycare & Snack Bar available
Phone: (970) 482-4646

Fort Lupton Bingo

Fort Lupton Bingo
1201 2nd Street
Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621-1766, USA
Game play: Wed-6:00
Phone: (303) 857-6210

Fort Morgan Bingo

Elks, 430 State Street, Fort Morgan, Colorado 80701-2120, USA. Game play: Mon-7:00 Phone: (970) 867-6711 # Golden ~ VFW, 15625 W 10th Ave, Golden, Colorado 80401-3907, USA. Game play: Sun-4:00 Phone: (303) 279-2119 # Grand Junction ~ Players Place, North Ave, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501, USA. Playtime: pm, Phone: (970) 241-8100, ~ Sams Junction Bingo, 511 28 1/4 Road, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501-4959, USA. Game play: 7 days, Phone: (970) 242-1369 # Greeley ~ Bingo Planet, 2393 W 27th Street, Greeley, Colorado 80631-8045, USA. Game play: Mon-12:30pm Fri-12:30pm 7:30 & 10:30 Tue-Thu-12:30pm & 7:30 Sat & Sun-7:30 Phone: (970) 330-9361 # Gunnison ~ Elks, 123 S Main Street, Gunnison, Colorado 81230-2332, USA. Game play: Tue-7:30 Phone: (970) 641-1527 # Hotchkiss ~ Elks, 190 East Bridge Street, Hotchkiss, Colorado 81419-0093, USA. Game play: Tue-6:45 Phone: (970) 872-3355 # Hugo ~ VFW, 419 4th Ave, Hugo, Colorado 80821-0116, USA. Game play: Every other Sun-2:00 Phone: (719) 743-9994 # Ignacio ~ Sky Ute Casino, 14826 Highway 172 North, Ignacio, Colorado, USA. Game play: Wed & Thu-6:00 Sun-2:00 Phone: (800) 876-7017 # La Junta ~ Elks, 401 Smithland, La Junta, Colorado 81050-0483, USA. Game play: Tue-6:30 Phone: (719) 384-9161 ~ Knights of Columbus #1161, 118 Steen Ave, La Junta, CO 81050, USA. Playtime: Sun & Thrus 7:30 pm, Phone: (719) 384-2120, Email:, Contact name: Darren Garcia Remarks: Progressive game every session, Pull tabs, Concession stands # Lafayette ~ The Bingo Mine, Coal Creek Shopping Center, Lafayette, Colorado 80026-2908, USA. Game play: 7 days, Phone: (303) 673-9727 # Lakewood ~ Green Mountain Bingo, 12364 W Alameda Pkwy, Lakewood, Colorado 80228-2851, USA. Game play: 7 days, Phone: (303)-988-8219 ~ Slammers Bingo, 1884 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, Colorado 80232, U.S.A. Phone: 303-988-7426, Contact Name: Steven Petrone Remarks: Brand New! 14,000 S.F., Full Service Concessions With To-Go Menu, Several Prime Sessions Still Available, Lots Of Parking, Great Exposure And Traffic Count On Jewell And Wadsworth. Come See The Finest In The State! # Lamar ~ Knights of Columbus, Village Center, Lamar, Colorado, USA. Game play: Mon-7:00 Phone: (719) 336-3591 # Littleton ~ Littleton Bingo, 151 W. Mineral Ave, Littleton, Colorado, CO 80120, USA. Playtime: M-F 7:30 pm, Fri-Sat Late 10:30 pm, Tues-Fri 12 noon, Sat-Sun 1 pm & 7 pm Phone: (303) 797-2328, Contact name: Mel Liggett, # Longmont ~ American Legion, 315 South Bowen Street, Longmont, Colorado 80501, USA. Game play: Thu & Fri-7:30 Phone: (303) 776-2034 ~ Longmont Bingo Alley, 640 19th Ave, Longmont, Colorado 80501-1954,Longmont Bingo Alley 640 19th Ave Longmont, Colorado 80501-1954 USA. Game play: 7 days, Mon thru Thu-7pm Fri-12:15pm & 7:10pm Sat-9am & 1 & 6 & 9pm Sun-1 & 6 & 9pm Phone: (303) 776-0460 USA. Game play: 7 days, Mon thru Thu-7pm Fri-12:15pm & 7:10pm Sat-9am & 1 & 6 & 9pm Sun-1 & 6 & 9pm Phone: (303) 776-0460 # Loveland ~ Planet Bingo, 281 I Orchard Shopping Ctr, Loveland, Colorado 80538-3827, USA. Game play: 7 days, 7:00 pm Fri-10:00pm Sat- 7:00 & 10:00 pm Sun- 7:00 pm Phone: (970) 663-4545 # Monte Vista ~ Elks, 121 Washington Street, Monte Vista, Colorado 81144-1408, USA. Game play: Mon & Wed-7:00 Phone: (719) 852-2456 # Montrose ~ Black Canyon Bingo, 2075 E Main St, Montrose, Colorado 81401-3835, USA. Game play: 7 days, 7:00 Satat 9 and Sun at 2 Phone: (970) 249-6711 ~ Montrose Bingo Connection, 2075 E Main, Montrose, Colorado 81401, USA. Playtime: All week at 7Pm as well 2pm sunday and late night Saturday 9:45pm, Phone: (970) 249-6711, # Northglenn ~ Bingo Castle, 1750 E 112th Ave, Northglenn, Colorado 80233-3206, USA. Game play: Sun-Mon-Wed-Thu-12noon & 7:00 Tue & Fri-7:00 Sat-7:00 & 10:30 Phone: (303) 457-1923 # Paonia ~ American Legion, 1447 4100 Road, Paonia, Colorado 81428-0277, USA. Game play: Thu-7:00 Phone: (970) 527-6252 # Pueblo ~ Bingo Casino, 625 W 4th Street, Pueblo, Colorado 81003-2301, USA. Game play: 7 days, Phone: (719) 543-5557 ~ Bingo Palace, 226 East Abriendo, Pueblo, Colorado 81004-0190, USA. Game play: Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri-Sat-7:00 pm Phone: (719) 542-0671 ~ The Bingo Theatre, 1908 N Hudson, Pueblo, Colorado 81001, USA. Game play: 7 days, 7:00 pm Tue & Wed-12:00 pm Fri-Sat-Sun-10:30 pm Phone: (719) 544-7168 # Rifle ~ Elks, 501 W 5th Street, Rifle, Colorado 81650-1229, USA. Game play: Thu-7:30 pm Phone: (970) 625-2195 ~ Moose, 133 E 3rd Street, Rifle, Colorado 81650-2317, USA. Game play: Wed-7:15 pm Sun-1:30 pm Phone: (970) 625-5508 # Salida ~ Elks, 148 E 2nd Street, Salida, Colorado 81201-2115, USA. Game play: Thu-6:30 pm Phone: (719) 539-6976 # Sheridan ~ Bingo City, 3820 S Federal Blvd, Sheridan, Colorado 80110-3242, USA. Game play: 7 days, Phone: (303) 789-1141 # Silverthorne ~ Elks, 833 Colorado Highway 9, Silverthorne, Colorado 80498-0515, USA. Game play: Fri-7:30 Phone: (970) 468-2561 # Sterling ~ American Legion, 1602 US Hwy 6, Sterling, Colorado 80751-4814, USA. Game play: Every other Fri-7:00 Phone: (970) 522-5688 ~ Elks, 321 Ash Street, Sterling, Colorado 80751-4235, USA. Game play: Thu-7:00 pm Phone: (970) 522-0515

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