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Colorado Poker Varieties
The following poker game rules are the specific poker game rules as designated by the Colorado Division of Gaming. The poker games in casinos must use these "official" rules. These are also the only legal poker games in Colorado casinos.
Texas hold ‘em high poker
Texas hold ‘em high-low split poker
Five-card low draw poker
Five-card high draw poker
Five-card high-low split draw poker
Five-card stud poker
Seven-card low stud poker
Seven-card high stud poker
Seven-card high-low split stud poker
Omaha high-low split hold ‘em poker
Omaha high hold ‘em poker
Hold’ em Eighty-eight poker
Joker Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Draw Poker
Let it Ride and Let it Ride Bonus
Colorado Hold’em Poker
Western Stud
Vegas Double Action
Prospector Poker
Three Card Poker
Bonus 6
Home Run Hold’ em
208 Poker
Boston 5 Stud Poker
Player’s Choice Poker
3-5-7 Poker
Pineapple hold ‘em high poker
Pineapple hold ‘em high-low split
Crazy pineapple hold ‘em high poker
Crazy pineapple hold ‘em high-low split poker

 Texas Holdem Rules 

Texas Hold'em Rules :: How to play Texas Holdem

These rules must be followed when playing Texas Hold'em in the Colorado Casinos. The play -- Texas hold ‘em poker. The games of Texas hold ‘em high and Texas hold ‘em high-low split poker must be played according to the following rules:

(l) The dealer shall deal two cards to each player, face downward and one at a time. The first player to receive a card is the player to the left of the player who has the button. The last player to receive cards is the player assigned the button. After all players have received their two cards, there is a betting round. The player to the left of the last blind better may call, raise, or fold and each following player may call, raise, or fold in a clockwise order;

(2) The dealer burns the top card of the deck and deals three community cards from the deck one at a time face downward and turns them face upward all at once in the center of the table. Community cards are common to the hand of every active player in the pot;

(3) After the flop, the betting continues for another round. The first player still in the pot sitting left of the player assigned the button is the first to act and then each player in a clockwise order may act in turn until all bets are equal. Any player may call, check, raise, or fold in accordance with the house rules;

(4) The dealer burns a card and deals a fourth community card face upward in the center of the table. Another betting round occurs. The dealer burns a card and deals a fifth community card face upward in the center of the table for the final betting round; and

(5) After all bets are made and if there are two or more players remaining in the game, there is a showdown.
(a) In Texas hold ‘em high, the best qualifying high hand wins the pot.
(b) In Texas hold ‘em high-low split, the best qualifying high hand and the best qualifying low hand split the pot.
(i) If there is no qualifying low hand, a player who wins high receives the entire pot.
(ii) A player who wins in one direction and ties a player in the other direction receives three-quarters of the pot.
(iii) A player who wins in both directions without a tie receives all of the pot.
(iv) Aces may be used for either high or low. At the discretion of the casino, a qualifier may be used to restrict the low hands. Straights and flushes do not impair the value of a hand for low.

(6) The five community cards shall be combined with none, one, or two cards from each player to determine the player’s best five card hand.

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